What should I do if the homework has become too difficult for a student?

If a student has reported that their homework is too difficult then we recommend working with the student to understand what area of the homework they have found hard. You can access what questions students have answered, and how, in the answer history part of the Hand-In page. In future weeks, we will also adjust the difficulty of the work they’ve received to make it more appropriate to their level.

However, if over multiple weeks, you believe that the level of difficulty of the homework is too great for the student to the point they cannot complete the homework without assistance, then we would recommend one of the following:

  • Setting the student onto Optional-Only homework, but still reinforcing that they should attempt every question - their optional homework will still be the same length as the rest of the class’ compulsory.
  • Keeping the student on Compulsory homework, but reinforce that they only need to attempt every question.

During this time, it is important that students answer the questions for themselves, as this will allow us to understand their ability level and re-adjust their homework to be at a more appropriate level for them. As long as they are now attempting questions unaided, the homework will adapt and, over the course of a few weeks, should revert to being at their level. We then advise students to revert to completing all of their homework.