What is a bookwork check and why are they used in Sparx?

Bookwork is an integral element of Sparx Maths Homework and provides the following benefits:

  • Allows teachers to see student workings so they can address misconceptions
  • Helps students retain what they learn
  • Helps students to prepare for written exams

Each question presented to students has a unique code that is displayed at the top of the question screen. Students are required to write this question code and their workings and answer in their books for every question, before entering their final answer into the system.


Bookwork checks are carried out periodically during a student’s homework and, if you have Sparx Classroom, student’s lessons, to ensure that they have written down their answers in their books. Students are asked what answer they gave for a previous question and must find this answer in their books. 

If they are unable to pass the bookwork check, they will be asked to redo that question, even if they originally got it correct. If students fail these bookwork checks regularly then they will be asked to complete these checks more frequently.

Students are given Bookwork Checks on work completed in the past hour in real-time. This means a student won’t be asked for Bookwork Codes on any questions they completed say from the previous day, even if it’s in the same homework.