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1. Make these your two key rules for using Sparx Homework

Getting started with Sparx Homework - what should we focus on from the beginning?

1. Set regular weekly homework

To get the most out of Sparx students should be given an hour of Compulsory homework each week and be encouraged to complete Optional and Target homework as often as possible.

Homework content is built automatically following the chosen Scheme of Learning (or from what is taught if using Sparx lessons) but teachers should also take care each week to ensure the homework topics match the learning that is taking place in the classroom.

2. Monitor homework completion

To get the most out of Sparx schools should rigorously ensure that students complete their compulsory homework on time and follow up with them if they don’t. 

Sparx provides weekly personalised homework for each student that is linked to individual attainment, and that supports and extends learning at an appropriate level. Students will see more progress in their learning if they complete their homework regularly.

Tips for monitoring homework completion

Set high expectations for handing in Compulsory homework on time by:

  • Advertising hand out and hand in days clearly in the department to help remind students when homework should be completed
  • Having a maths lesson the day before hand in so students can be reminded to finish their work on time
  • Running a regular homework club for students to do their homework if they need some additional help
  • Linking homework hand in to the school detention policy and robustly follow up any uncompleted work

Support the completion of XP Boost and Target homework by:

  • Ensuring that students understand the benefits of doing the XP Boost and Target questions and how it will consolidate and enrich their learning
  • Offering to support students who want to complete Target homework
  • Linking the completion of extra homework to the school rewards policy