What are Schemes of Learning in Sparx and how do they work?

Find out what Schemes of Learning are and how they are used in your Sparx site

Schemes of Learning (SoLs) in Sparx refer to the ordering of curriculum topics grouped into weeks, that form a path through the curriculum for Sparx Homework or Sparx Lessons to follow.

Teachers always have full control of which objectives they teach and which topics go into homework. The SoL helps to organise topics automatically, saving teachers large amounts of admin and planning time.

Where are schemes of learning used in Sparx?

In Sparx, SoLs can be created or copied from templates and then linked to individual classes. This will affect what is seen in the following places:

1. In Sparx Maths Homework a class' weekly homework is built automatically from the topics that are in the current week of the SoL:


Note: homework content in Sparx Maths Classroom is generated automatically by what is taught during lessons meaning the planner will be empty at the beginning of term


2. In Sparx Maths Classroom schools, teachers build lessons for classes by choosing objectives in the left hand pane of the Lesson Planning page. Topics will be grouped into weeks according to the SoL, but teachers will be able to pick any topic by scrolling up and down the list or by using the search feature, if they want to deviate from the planned schedule:

If no SoLs are linked to classes then both the above areas will be blank, meaning teachers will always have to manually search for topics to add to homework or lessons.


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