What are Experience Points (XP) and Sparx levels?

Every time a student completes a task or wins a reward game in their homework or Sparx Lessons they earn Sparx Experience Points (XP).

Questions from different homework types earn students different numbers of points, for example students can earn more XP if they complete XP Boost and Target homework tasks compared with their Compulsory homework questions.

Students go up a Sparx level for every 10,000 XP they collect and XP totals are carried over from one academic year to the next. Students should be encouraged to increase their number of XP by completing all of their XP Boost and Target homework.

Students can earn points within the following ranges for each type of homework and rewards game:

Compulsory: 60 - 80 XP

XP Boost: 120 - 150 XP

Target: 120 - 150 XP

Find It!: 4 - 7 XP

Hi-Lo: 13 - 22 XP