[Classroom] Viewing objective information

Viewing objective information GIF

  1. On the Lesson Planning tab, select a topic in the panel on the left. The list of available objectives will appear in the panel to the right. 
  2. Any objective that is available to deliver online using Sparx will have an “i” icon on it. Select this icon to view the Example questions for an objective; here you will see an example of each question students will see when working on the objective.
  3. Some objectives in the right-hand column will appear with “Offline” next to them. In the majority of cases, this is because Sparx believes that these topics are currently best taught offline. You can select Offline objectives to add to your lesson - these will not provide any content within your lesson, but will be reflected in your running lesson and lesson history, to aid in planning for future lessons.

  4. Some objectives will appear with Practice next to them. These are similar to Offline objectives in that Sparx believes that these topics are currently best taught and learnt offline. However, these objectives contain online content that can be used to practice and consolidate some of the required skills. Sparx recommends using these objectives as plenary tasks at the end of a lesson or in a subsequent lesson following some initial offline learning.

  5. A green tick will be displayed next to any objective that is deemed to be taught. Topics will display a count of how many objectives (across all difficulties) have been taught in that topic, with each difficulty bracket showing a breakdown of the difficulty in which the taught objectives sit.