Using half-length homework

The compulsory component of a student’s homework is designed to take around an hour each week, although this time could vary if a student finds a task or topic unusually challenging. Compulsory homework contains a mix of questions that a student has been taught since the last homework hand-out and questions that the student is still consolidating, or has not quite grasped yet. The questions are pitched at a level which is achievable for that student, so it is possible for them to get all the answers correct and therefore complete their compulsory homework.

There are two instances when it might be necessary to change the length of homework.

  1. For a Class: Not all topics on the SoL can be covered through Sparx Maths Homework so it will sometimes be necessary for teachers to set homework independently. These topics will be clearly marked with an ‘Offline’ icon on the Planner page; for example, if a diagram or table needs to be drawn. On these occasions, to avoid giving students too much work to do that week, teachers may want to reduce the length of the Sparx homework element to half-length for the whole class. This change can be carried out on the Planner page of the Teacher Portal and will only affect the homework length for one week.
  2. For an Individual: In exceptional circumstances it might be necessary to change an individual student’s homework length to half-length. For example, they may be facing extra challenges at home which limit their capacity to spend an hour completing their work each week. Changing homework length for an individual student can be done from their profile page or the Student Manager page, and this change will affect all subsequent homework until it is changed back.

In both instances it is important to be aware that by reducing the homework length there will be an impact on progress through the curriculum, so careful consideration should be given to any changes in homework length.

Sparx is aware that new students will take a while to get used to the system, so the homework will be automatically adjusted. Therefore, there is no need to set new students half length homework.