Using a Homework Club to support students

To get the best results out of using Sparx Maths Homework, we highly recommend giving students the opportunity to access a regular homework club. By doing this, the school creates an environment where students are fully supported to complete their work on time each week. It also means students have no reason not to do their homework so sanctions are easier to enforce if necessary.

Some schools who use Sparx recommend to their students that they make use of the whole school homework club which is held every day after school. Others have provided a weekly club at lunchtime that could be run by trustworthy students, or an after school club that is manned by a teacher in the Maths Department. Any space that is provided should include computers or devices for students to use.

Homework clubs can support both students who have a lack of device or internet at home and those who need to get help.

Schools have found it good practice to run any homework clubs prior to the day before hand-in day as it discourages students from leaving their homework until the last minute.