Teacher emails and how to unsubscribe or resubscribe to them

Each week, teachers receive the following three emails for each class that they teach:


The Planned Homework email is sent out two days before the homework is set and provides

  • a link to the Planner page
  • an overview of the topics that will be included in the upcoming homework
  • a summary of the homework settings, for example hand-in and hand-out dates, and the length of homework 


The Homework Update email is sent out one day before the due date and includes

  • a link to the Hand-in page
  • a summary of the number of students who have completed, started, and not started their homework 


The Homework Report email is sent out on the hand-in date and highlights 

  • the number of students who have not completed their homework
  • a performance summary 
  • the number of students who have levelled up or completed their XP Boost and Target homework

Subscription to these emails can be managed using the checkbox next to the teacher’s name when editing a class from the Class Manager page.