Setting up a homework monitoring process

To ensure that students in all classes and year groups receive the same level of support and encouragement, it is important to put agreed homework monitoring practices in place amongst teachers in the Maths Department.

The Sparx Leader at each school can play a pivotal role in planning and helping to monitor the homework completion status for each class. They can do this by following these points:

  • Tracking the homework completion status for each class using the Incomplete Homework List in Teacher Portal and noting any classes or students who have a low completion status.
  • Raising any concerns with class teachers in regular meetings so they can support their students in advance of homework due dates
  • Linking the number of experience points (XP) and Sparx Levels to a departmental or school rewards scheme to provide teachers with tools to support how they motivate students
  • Ensuring students are being set, and are attending, detentions if they fail to complete homework
  • Setting aside time in departmental meetings to discuss successful strategies for raising completion rates amongst students
  • Monitoring and/or requiring that students must catch up on and complete previous homework, because the more we know about what a student has or hasn't mastered, the better quality homework we can set them

Schools who have carried out some or all of these activities have found that teachers are better able to support students in their work, which results in high homework completion rates and subsequently more rapid progress through the content.