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How to use Insights to help your class

Please note: some trial schools do not have access to this functionality at this time.

The Insights page is designed to give teachers a more detailed summary of the homework that is completed each week. It can be used to check understanding of concepts and to revisit content that students have struggled with, either as a class or individually.

The Insights page can be found on the left sidebar on Teacher Portal or by following the link in your Planned Homework email that is sent out each week.

Under the Help the class section at the top of the Insights page, there will be a summary of the three Compulsory homework questions that the class most struggled with for the current week. If you want to view previous weeks, you can choose one from the Week tabs at the top of the screen.

Click on one of the questions if you would like to see more details about it. If you want to share the questions with your class, for example as a lesson starter, click on the Export questions button to open them in a new tab. This can then be displayed on the whiteboard or printed out.