How to turn homework off completely

You may wish to turn homework off completely for one or more classes. This means that no new homework will be generated for the class from this point onwards. 

To turn homework off for a class,

  • go to the More tab on the left-hand side of Teacher Portal and click on Class Manager,
  • click on the orange pencil next to the class name to bring up the Edit Class window,
  • at the bottom of the page, click on the Homework status dropdown, select Off and click Save.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 12.20.38


To turn homework off for 2 or more classes, in Class Manager click on the pencil icon next to the relevant classes (click on the box to the left of Edit, to select all classes), go to Set homework and select No, then click Save.




If you do turn homework off for a particular week using this method, but turn it back on later, the topics from that week will go into the first week after homework is turned back on. You can edit the homework content for upcoming weeks on the Planner page. While homework is switched off, Planner will not be editable and the user will see a message warning them that homework is switched off.


You can turn off homework for an individual student as well as for a class. The student will still remain within the class in Teacher Portal, but when homework is set for the class, the individual will only receive homework that is optional for them to complete. 

To stop an individual student from receiving homework,

  • type their name in the Search students box at the top right of Teacher Portal – this will take you to their summary page,
  • click on the Go to student details button at the top right of the page to bring up the Edit Student window, 
  • click on the Homework Type dropdown, selection Optional Only and click Save.


Please note: this article describes the functionality you’ll see when you’re working with a Homework-only class. When you’re working with a Classroom class, the functionality will differ. Please contact f you require any additional information or support.