How to run a CSV import for students

Please note that this functionality is only available to schools that use Sparx Maths but do not manage their students with a Management Information System (MIS).


To run a CSV import for students, you first need to ensure that the relevant classes have been created in your Teacher Portal. For more information on how to do this please see our article on: How to set up classes and add students if you don't have an MIS integration

Adding students using a CSV upload

1. Go to the More tab and select Student Manager

2. Click Add student(s) in the top right of the screen, and choose Import students from file. This will open the CSV import wizard.

Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 13.03.22

3. Click on the Upload data from file button and choose the CSV file that you wish to import.

Bulk Add Students


4. You will then be asked to confirm whether or not the first row of your CSV file contains header data. 

Important: We use a third-party service called Flatfile to support our import process. Whilst we will never send student data to Flatfile, we do send them header row information to simplify the import process. Please take care to make the right choice here to avoid student data being sent to Flatfile. For more information on the list of accepted required and optional fields please see CSV formatting guidance


4 Bulk add students column names


5. Next, you will need to match the columns in your CSV file with the fields we are expecting to receive for each student.

If you have included a header row in your CSV file, we will try and do this automatically - you will just need to confirm our suggested mappings.


5 Bulk add students match fields


If you haven’t included a header row, you will need to tell us how to map the columns in your file manually.


6 Bulk add students unable to match


6. When you have finished confirming mapping, click Review.


7 Review


7. We will now show you how we have interpreted your student data. 

  • Any validation errors will be highlighted to you, and you won’t be able to proceed until these are resolved. 
  • You can amend any student data directly from here (i.e. you will not need to re-import the entire CSV file if you only need to make minor adjustments).
  • Carefully check that all of your data is correct and when you are ready, select Continue.


8 Bulk add 10 students


8. You will then receive a final prompt asking you whether you’re ready to submit your data.

Clicking Yes will create accounts for your students. You will then be taken back to the Student Manager page, and you will be able to see the newly-created students in their respective classes.


9 Ready to submit

Files can take a few minutes to upload so please don't click away from this page whilst you wait.