How students set up their Sparx account

  1. The student must first navigate to the login page for their school.
      1. Go to 
      2. Carefully select the school by following the instructions on the screen
      3. Select Continue
    1. school select

2. Select New user underneath the login fields.

2. login (new user)

3. The student enters the First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth fields.
If the student is having difficulties matching the right credentials, you can view them in Student Manager in your Teacher Portal to see what they are stored as in Sparx.

3. student details

4. Selecting Submit will present them with their username and ask them to proceed to enter their password.

4. student username

5. Selecting Set a password will present them with the screen to enter their own password. Note: This password needs to contain at least 6 characters. The screen will inform the student once their password passes this rule.

5. set password

6. Finally, selecting Confirm your details will ask the student to confirm their username and password before completing the process. If the student has forgotten either piece of information, they can navigate back to retrieve it.

6. confirm details

7. Should both details be correct, they will see a confirmation screen that will then allow them to navigate back to the login screen to access Sparx.

7. confirmation screen