How is the level of the first homework for students set in Sparx?

There are three possible ways that Sparx will aim to set the first homework off as close as possible to the correct level for students and these can be chosen by teachers when they set up classes:

  1. Teacher chooses an attainment level - the best option is for teachers to choose an attainment level for a class from the available list. Teachers should do this if they are confident that the class is well setted and working at roughly the same level.

  2. Sparx uses KS2 scores - if classes are mixed ability or the attainment level is unknown then teachers should choose the Diagnostic homework option instead of an attainment level during class setup. If there are KS2 scores available for students in the linked MIS* system then Sparx will use these to judge the level of homework to give to individual students. 
  3. Diagnostic Homework given - if classes are mixed and there is no information about a student’s KS2 scores available then, on choosing the Diagnostic Homework option, students will be given homework questions to work out their level from scratch.

Please note: it can take up to four weeks for Sparx to gauge the working level of the student. The more a student uses Sparx, then the more accurate our assessment of their attainment will be.

*We currently only have access to scaled scores through the SIMS MIS.


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