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Homework Statistics page

This page shows the year group and class-level homework completion rates for the last 6 weeks, as well as the overall average for the year (total completion and at hand-in).

Select the relevant class from the dropdown menu at the top of the page to see class-level homework completion statistics for a given group.

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 14.34.45

The graphs on the Homework Statistics page separately display all three homework types: Compulsory, XP Boost and Target, allowing you to compare and contrast hand-in rates for the following:

  • all secondary year groups, whilst seeing the School Average
  • all classes within a specific year, whilst seeing the Year Group Average

This will enable you to:

  • easily compare legacy or on-time completion for the academic year to date
  • display weekly report information and break this down by year group
  • access accurate and up-to-date meaningful insights at all times.

Class chart


Yeargroup chart