Good bookwork and how to promote it

Bookwork is an important element of Sparx Maths Homework because writing down workings and answers helps students to learn, is good practice for exams, and makes it easier for teachers to spot how to help a student.

Teaching students how to complete bookwork before their first Sparx Maths Homework is vital to ensure that they get off to a good start and don't waste homework time getting stuck on bookwork checks.

To help both teachers and students, it is good practice to encourage students to maintain a consistent bookwork layout for the written part of their Sparx Maths Homework.

We suggest that the following rules should be in place:

  • Date each homework assignment at the top of the page
  • Draw one or two margins on each page for students to write the bookwork code in
  • Ensure students tick or cross their answers as they complete them
  • Where working out has been recorded, clearly demarcate the answer for each question by circling or underlining it, and by writing ‘ans’ next to it

An example of good bookwork can be found below. Students should also watch the Student onboarding video, which can be found in the Training Materials for Students.


Good bookwork