[Classroom] How to monitor a student’s use of Sparx videos

  1. Video icons will appear against task progress in lesson monitoring if a student uses a video for a task. 
  2. Alternatively, to view more detail on how a student is using Sparx videos during a lesson, click on the student’s name in the Lesson Monitoring page.
  3. Select the Video Summary tab.

There are four pieces of information on the Video Summary page:

  1. Average video watch time can be used to help interpret viewing habits of a student.
  2. Video last watched states the time since the student last looked at a video.
  3. Watched videos on shows how many questions were attempted in the lesson and for how many tasks the student watched a video.  This will indicate the frequency of video watching.
  4. Watched videos before attempting shows how many times a video was watched before a question was attempted.