[Classroom] How do I add a guest user to a lesson?

How do I add a guest user to a lesson? GIF

If you need to add a student to your lesson who is not currently listed on your MIS, 

  1. Click on the orange Create guest user under the list of students on the Lesson Monitoring page.
  2. Enter the name of the student.
  3. Select Create Student.
  4. A guest account will then be created with a username and password.

create guest user

Share the details with the student immediately as, once this screen closes, you will not be able to access these details again. Once you have shared these click I have shared these details to confirm.

The student can now log in to your school using the username and password you have provided them. When they have joined your lesson they will be listed on the Lesson Monitoring page. Once the lesson is ended, the guest user credentials will expire, meaning they cannot be used again to log into a different lesson. If this is required, you must set up a new guest user in the next lesson.

Please note: The guest user login will expire once the lesson is ended.