[Classroom] Building a lesson


Building a lesson GIF

  1. On the Lesson Planning tab, select a topic in the panel on the left. The list of available objectives will appear in the panel to the right. 
  2. Each objective will have a tick box to the left of the objective title. Clicking this will select the objective.
  3. The tray at the bottom of the screen will light up, and highlight that you have selected one or more objectives. 
  4. To continue to select different objectives to include in your lesson, you can navigate in and out of different topics and difficulties.
  5. If at any point you wish to remind yourself of what you have selected, clicking on the Show button on the tray at the bottom of the screen will present the list of objectives.
  6. From this view, you can choose to reorder the way the objectives will appear in the lesson, remove individual objectives, or view the example questions to remind yourself of the content. 
  7. You can also select Offline objectives to add to your lesson. These will not provide any content within your lesson, but will be reflected in your running lesson and lesson history, to aid in planning for future lessons.
  8. Note: If adding Practice objectives to your lesson, please be aware that Sparx recommends these objectives are used as practice and consolidation tasks following some initial offline learning.