[Classroom] Browse available topics and objectives


Browse available topics and objectives GIF

  1. To access the lessons area of Teacher Portal, select the Lessons page in the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. On the Lessons page, you will be able to access the Lesson Planning tab, a list of Running Lessons, and the Lesson History for a class.
  3. On the Lesson Planning tab, the left panel will display the topics to be covered, in the order they appear in the Scheme of Learning and grouped by Half Term.

  4. The attainment level will default to the level chosen in Class Manager. You can change the attainment level of lessons shown on the Lessons tab using the dropdown.
  5. Selecting a topic will display the objectives in the panel on the right.
  6. These objectives will be grouped, meaning that Suggested will contain objectives that are at the same attainment level as your class. 
  7. Clicking on Easier Objectives will show you all objectives in attainment levels lower than your class, and Harder Objectives contains all objectives in attainment levels higher than your class.