Why do some students get more homework questions than others?

The homework length for all students in a class is expected to be very similar each week unless a student has been individually set a different length of homework in Student Manager.

Over the first few weeks of homework, the Sparx algorithm will work out how many questions to set the student which they can complete in the time that is set.
For example, if someone is faster at answering questions, they may receive extra questions to extend their learning to match their ability. For someone who is taking longer, the algorithm will give them questions that match their abilities that they can attempt in the time frame. 

Typically each week, some students will take slightly more than the set length of time on their homework, and some students may spend slightly less time on their work. Over the course of several weeks, however, each student will on average spend the length of time that has been set on their work.

Students can take longer than the set length if they have distractions while completing their homework, for example, watching TV at the same time.