What information is emailed to parents and carers by Sparx?


The following article applies to parents/carers whose email addresses have been added to Sparx first.

If your school uses an MIS integration then these will be added automatically. If not then you will need to add these email addresses either as part of the CSV upload process or manually on the Student Manager page.

Find out more herer: How are parent and carer email addresses added to Sparx?

  • Parents and carers are sent an email each week automatically
  • They receive emails if homework is set to Compulsory. They will not receive emails if the homework is either turned off or set to Optional Only.

Compulsory Homework email:

Parent emails have 2 main sections:

  1. This week's homework: This shows the student's current progress with this homework and suggest an action for the parent to encourage their child. The progress with either be:
    • Student hasn't started their homework
    • Student has completed x% of their homework
    • Student has completed their Compulsory homework
    • Student has completed their Compulsory, XP Boost and Target homework
  2. Previous homework: This section shows the student's progress with the homework that was most recently due in, including whether or not the homework was late. Clicking the link will take the parent to Parent Portal, which will show more detail on the homework completion data. 

Note: The links to Parent Portal are only available for 1 week after the homework assignment hand-in date.


For schools with MIS integrations: emails will be sent to parents/carers who are tagged as having Parental responsibility and Priority 1