What happens to homework over the summer holidays?

When we set up your Sparx account we enter your school term dates, so your last homework will have a hand-in during the last week of the academic year and will turn off automatically after this.

To check when your homework will end, you can look in your planner and you'll see the weeks stop. You do not need to turn homework off in this instance, unless you wish to stop homework being handed out a week before the end of the academic year, for example.

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MIS Schools

Over the summer holidays running from July-August, students and teachers will have access to Sparx up until 31st July, after which groups and students are archived before the next academic year.

As a result students and teachers will be unable to access Sparx from 1st August until the school's MIS (Management Information System) switches to the new academic year, usually around early September, which in turn updates the student records in Teacher Portal.

Non-MIS Schools

As with the above students and teachers will be unable to access Sparx from 1st August. For more information on uploading students via csv, please see the following articles:

For international schools, these dates for end of academic year will vary.

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