What happens to homework around school holidays?*

*Please note: this information does not apply to summer holidays.

If school holidays fall between homework hand-out and hand-in days, homework set before the holidays will be due on the first hand-in day after the holiday. For example, if your homework is set on a Thursday and due on the following Thursday, but your school breaks up on the Friday, the homework will be due on the first Thursday back after the holiday.

Note: Homework will not be set in a week that is a full week's holiday (for example a holiday from Monday to Friday), but if there is a non-holiday day during the week, homework can still go out on any day, including during holidays.

If you don’t want students to have Compulsory homework to do over the holidays, go to the Planner page and change the homework to Optional only using the Type dropdown menu. This should be done separately for each class before the usual hand-out day.

Alternatively, you can turn homework off altogether for each class, using the Class Manager page. Please note that this is a permanent change, so will need changing back if you want to set homework again once the holidays are over.

Click here for more information on how to change homework to Optional only.