What does the login status mean?

In the Student manager section of Teacher portal, there is a Login status column, that will show a variety of different statuses, depending on the state of the student. Below is a summary of each value that you can see in this column.

Note: If you click on the Login status column header in student manager, you will be able to sort your students, to easily see which students require action.

  • Pending set up
The student has not yet gone through the New user process, and will be unable to login in to Sparx until they do. More information on this can be found here
  • Forgotten Password
The student has used the Forgot login details link on their login screen to request a password reset. 
  • Password reset triggered
A teacher has granted the password reset request for the student, but the student has not yet set themselves a new password to login with.
  • Password reset
The student has set themselves a new password following a password reset request, but has not logged in with their new password yet.
  • Account set up
The student has been through the initial New user set up process, and successfully set themselves a password. They have not yet logged in to Sparx.
  • Students showing a login timestamp

The student has successfully set up their account and have been able to login.


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