What are Homework Leaderboards and how do they work?

Homework Leaderboards are optional spreadsheets sent to schools each week to encourage healthy competition.

What are Homework Leaderboards?

What information is displayed in the Leaderboards?

Frequently asked questions

What are Homework Leaderboards?

  • The Homework Leaderboard is a spreadsheet that Sparx generates weekly, allowing you to see how your school is doing compared to other Sparx schools.
  • The leaderboards are sent out every Monday during UK term times to the Sparx Leader and the Head of Department if they are different people.
  • Schools are ranked based on the amount of compulsory Sparx Maths Homework that was completed on time by students in the previous week.
  • It’s completely up to you if you want your school to be included in the leaderboards. If you would like to be involved then please contact us at scchoolsupport@sparx.co.uk 

Please note that your school's name and score will be visible to all schools receiving the leaderboard if you choose to be included.

What information is displayed in the Leaderboards?

The following information is displayed on the “Last Week On-Time” sheet within the Leaderboard spreadsheet.

  • School - The School name
  • MAT - The name of the MAT the school belongs to if applicable.
  • UK Town - The town the school is located in (for UK schools only)
  • % FSM - The percentage of students that have received free school meals at any point within the last 6 years, according to 2018-2019 UK Government KS4 data.
  • Rank - The position in the leaderboard, based on highest Compulsory homework completion.
  • Trend - The difference between last week's and this week’s rank.
  • Number of Students - The number of students that had homework due within the last week.
  • Avg HW set time [min] - The average minutes of HW set to students who had homework due within the last week.
  • Compulsory % completion - The percentage of students who fully completed their Compulsory homework on time, for homework that was due within the last week.
  • XP Boost % completion - The percentage of students who fully completed their XP Boost homework on time, for homework that was due within the last week.
  • Target % completion - The percentage of students who fully completed their Target homework on time, for homework that was due within the last week.

There is also a “Rolling 6 Week Overall” sheet, which contains the same columns but is instead aggregated over the previous 6 weeks instead of just the previous week.

Frequently asked questions

What year groups are included in the Leaderboards?

Currently, only Year 7 homework data is included in the Leaderboards.

The leaderboard says our school has a certain number of students, but we actually have a different number. Why is this?

The student count is done by students with homework switched on, so it may be that you have some classes with homework stitched off or students set to optional only. If that's not the case then please get in touch.

How is rank calculated?

The leaderboard is ranked by the compulsory completion rate.

Why can't I see all the other Sparx schools in my Trust?

If you know of schools that use Sparx but aren't on the leaderboard, then it's probably the case that they have not opted in.

Why can’t I see data from my school in this week’s Leaderboard?

If no information is showing next to the names of certain schools, the likelihood is they've had no homework set for that particular week.

Why can I only see leaderboard info for Year 7s?

The majority of the schools that started in September are using Year 7 only. As we see a big variance in rates across the year groups, we’ve tried to make the comparison as fair as possible by only including Year 7.

Do the homework completion percentages only count towards the weekly leaderboard figure if they score 100%? Or is there some lower threshold that still counts?

Sparx Homework is considered incomplete unless every question is answered correctly.

What is the cut-off time for the homework to be classed as on-time in order for it to be counted on the leaderboard?

When the Leaderboards are generated we only consider the most recent homeworks that have hit the deadline before the leaderboard is sent on a Monday. This means only homework due from the previous Monday until the Sunday before is included.

The cut off time for homework to be considered on-time is 3pm on the due date.

For example, if your school or class has a hand-in day of say Thursday, then any homework completed before 3pm on that day will be considered on time and will be included in the following Monday’s leaderboard stats.