What are XP and Sparx levels?

What is XP?

Every time a student completes a task or wins a reward game in their homework or Sparx Lessons they earn Sparx Experience Points called XP.

Questions from different homework types earn students different numbers of points, for example students can earn more XP if they complete XP Boost and Target homework tasks compared with their Compulsory homework questions:

Compulsory: 60 - 80 XP per task

XP Boost: 120 - 150 XP per task

Target: 120 - 150 XP per task


What are Sparx levels?

Students go up a Sparx level for every 10,000 XP they collect. 

There are 25 Sparx levels in total. If students complete all of their Compulsory, XP Boost and Target homework they should reach a new level every term, and if they complete only their Compulsory Homework, they should expect to achieve a new level each academic year.

Note: XP points are accumulated across academic years, so students will keep their points and Sparx level when they move from one year group to another. 

You can view a student’s XP and Sparx Level on the Student Rewards page on your Sparx site:


Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 15.16.33


For a more detailed breakdown of student data, such as how many XP points students have earned each week on the downloadable report found on the Reports page on your Sparx site.


For more information on how to get the most of this report, please see the following article: Homework Completion Reports Overview

For some ideas of how to use XP and Sparx levels to motivate students to complete work please see the following article: Motivating students to complete homework on time