Using XP and Sparx Levels to motivate students

Every time a student completes a task or wins a reward game in their homework they earn Sparx Experience Points (XP).

Questions from different homework types earn students different numbers of points, for example, students can earn more XP if they complete XP boost and target homework tasks compared with their compulsory homework questions.

Students earn a Sparx level for every 10,000 XP they collect and these levels are clearly displayed both to students and to teachers in the Student Rewards page of Teacher Portal.

It is also possible to see how many XP points students have earned each week on the downloadable report found on the Reports page.

If students complete all of their Compulsory, XP Boost and Target homework they should reach a new level every term, and if they complete only their Compulsory Homework, they should expect to achieve a new level each academic year.

Note: XP points are accumulated across academic years, so students will keep their points when they move from one year group to another. 

Reward activities and ideas

Schools using Sparx Maths Homework have successfully integrated some or all of the following activities into their existing rewards schemes to motivate their students:

  • Using the weekly XP on the Reports download to work out which students and classes have earned the most XP points eac week and rewarding them in some way.
  • Using the Student Rewards section of Teacher Portal to reward students who move up a level.
  • Translating XP to merits (or other measures of success) in the whole school rewards system.
  • Termly or half-termly awards ceremonies for students who have levelled up, either in tutor groups or year groups.
  • Prizes and certificates for each level. Certificate templates can be found here.
  • Using XP and levels as currency for the school shop.


For more information please follow the Student Rewards link under Additional Information.