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Using Sparx on your school network and devices

Information and tips on ensuring that your Sparx site is accessible on your school's network and devices

1. Sparx and your firewall

2. Browser and screen size compatibility

3. Recommended internet browsers

4. Chromebooks and Proxy Servers 

1. Sparx and your firewall

Most schools have a firewall in place that protects their networks and devices from unauthorised access.

To make sure that Sparx works smoothly on your network and devices you may need to make some changes to your firewall settings.

Use our Compatibility Checker to diagnose what changes you may need to make:



The Compatibility Checker will direct you to check the following:

  • The URLs that are currently allowed access through your firewall (whitelisted) and those that you will need to grant access to
  • Whether WebSockets are permitted through your firewall

You will need to allow access to all listed domains on the checker for Sparx to work correctly.

Note: You will need to allow access specifically for WebSockets at the following domain: studentapi.api.sparxmaths.uk

Tip: When making changes to your firewall please ensure you change settings for all groups who require access to Sparx, including both staff and student groups.

Tip: You will need to run the checker on each type of device you want to check, for example, on a student device that needs to be used in school, and on a staff laptop.

Tip: If you are not sure how to make changes to your firewall settings then please consult your firewall provider.

2. Browser and screen size compatibility

You will also be able to see information about the following using the Compatibility Checker:

  • Whether the browser/s in use on your device are compatible with Sparx
  • If the screen size of your device is optimal for use with Sparx

3. Recommended internet browsers

The following browsers are recommended for optimal use of Sparx:

  • Google Chrome (preferred)
  • Mozilla Firefox (supported)
  • Safari (supported)
  • Microsoft Edge (supported)

Please ensure you are using the latest version of any web browser you use to ensure the best experience.

4. Chromebooks and Proxy Servers

Please visit this article to help you.


If you are still having issues, please work through this step by step article Diagnosing a connection problem in school before contacting us.