Using Sparx in Lockdown

Helpful tips to get the most out of Sparx during lockdown


Please find our lockdown tips video here.

Hear from teachers about how they are using Sparx in Lockdown:

Ollie Milverton - Cranbrook Education Campus

Jay Spencer - Torquay Academy

Using Sparx in Lockdown

Home learning

One of the biggest challenges with lockdown is to ensure that your students are getting regular meaningful practice to consolidate and extend their learning. Sparx maths can play a vital role here whilst freeing up more of teachers’ time to do the many other additional tasks that lockdown brings. Although Sparx is more commonly used as homework outside of school hours under normal circumstances, currently in lockdown many of our schools are choosing to use the system to provide an additional hour or more of learning and practice within the school week.  This serves students with high-quality personalised and differentiated practice content with support videos for every question whilst providing tracking and marking for teachers. 

Below are some useful tips to help you make the most of a difficult situation and use Sparx in a supportive way during lockdown.


Make sure you check and tweak your Planner for each class regularly to avoid your students working on content they've not been taught yet. Teaching plans and schemes of learning may have been adapted with lockdown so it’s important to ensure the weekly learning the system generates is appropriate.

Previous homework

Remember that your students can complete their last 6 pieces of work retrospectively.  Any compulsory work completed in this way still counts towards your overall completion rates, so helps give you an up-to-date view of how much homework your classes, as well as individual students are doing.

XP Boost and Target

Don’t forget that students can complete their XP Boost and Target work for additional practice alongside their Compulsory homework. Target work often provides that extra push to challenge students who are completing their normal work. 

Homework length

Consider if changing the length of homework you want the system to generate would benefit your students. Homework can be extended to 90 minutes long so please get in touch if you would like to make this change to encourage more weekly practice during lockdown. You can also set homework to optional only for individual students or weeks if needed.


Remember to regularly check the Insights page to see what the class as a whole are finding challenging or excelling at, as this can help you to identify what to focus on next in your lessons.