Training Materials for Students

A list of documents, videos and support materials which can be used to introduce your students to Sparx.

Sparx Homework for students - Video

This video can be used to introduce students to Sparx and includes the bookwork video

How Students Set Up Their Login - Video

This short video explains how students can set up their login details and login for the first time.

Student Guide to Logging In - PDF Guide

This is a step-by-step guide that can be given to students to help them to log into their Sparx account.

Student Bookwork - Video

This video is great to watch ahead of their first homework and explains to students what they should write in their books.

Example of good bookwork

This is a photocopy of a Sparx student's book with bookwork codes and workings clearly visible.

How Sparx uses students personal data - Video

This video explains to students what data we collect about them, how we use it and why.