Teacher guidance: Use of Sparx accounts

Sparx has put together some simple guidance relating to account security, data protection, and copyright to help you use Sparx securely.

Account security 

For students...

  • Reminding students about account security will help keep their accounts secure: 
  • Only they should use their account and answer questions. The Sparx system learns how they learn. If they are stuck on a question, they can watch the accompanying video or ask for help. 
  • Encourage students to log out of their accounts when they are not using Sparx. 

For teachers...

  • Teacher Portal provides access to personal information about your students. 
  • Choose a strong password that is a minimum of 8 characters long and contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. (Common word and number combinations are not accepted e.g. Password1)
  • Make sure the devices you use to access your account (including any personal devices) are password protected. If you use a shared device, ensure your Sparx password is not automatically saved. 
  • Log out of your Sparx account or lock your device screen when you are not using it or are leaving the device unattended. 

Data protection 

  • The Sparx privacy notice for schools (https://www.sparx.co.uk/privacy-policy-for-schools) explains how personal information is used by Sparx. 
  • If you are a Sparx Leader and need to contact the School Success Team, please avoid sending personal information (such as student names) over email or via online support services. 
  • You can use the functionality provided by Teacher Portal to access data about your students, following account security guidance, not allowing others access to your Teacher Portal account, and restricting the removal of information from Teacher Portal will help keep student personal information secure. 

Copyright information 

  • Sparx content (e.g. questions, scheme of learning) and software are protected by copyright. 
  • Sparx content can be used for teaching purposes at your school whilst your school has a valid subscription. 
  • Sparx content should not be provided or published to anyone who is not a teacher or student enrolled at your school. 
  • Please do not copy, adapt, or change Sparx content to make your own resources. You can of course print what is needed for day-to-day teaching at a school with a Sparx subscription.