SoL builder Improvements - 2021

New changes coming

We’re excited to say that we are making a broad range of improvements to SoL Builder and Homework Planner. The changes will make it easier for you to build and manage your schemes throughout the school year, and give you greater flexibility and visibility of what is going into homework and when you can set it. These will include:

  • Ability to set any week to be homework or non homework, meaning holidays no longer need to restrict your ability to hand out homework.
  • Better organisation of schemes of learning across different academic years, including making it easier to plan for your next academic year.

Due to these changes (which will be rolling out during the UK summer holidays) - we ask that you adjust how you plan for the next academic year this time around.

What you can do before these changes

You will be able to build schemes of learning before the summer break, but you will need to assign the current academic year to it for now. This means that we advise that you focus on getting the ordering of your topics correct. You should also name your schemes of learning appropriately, for example adding (21/22) to the name so that you know it will be for next year.

You can find out more about how to make a SoL here: How to build a Scheme of Learning

What you’ll need to do after these changes

Once the changes are live, you will see an archive section which will contain schemes built in the previous academic year. There will be an option to select one or more schemes from your archive and simply copy them over to the new academic year. This will preserve the ordering of your topics, but you will then be able to go into each scheme and select which weeks are “non homework” weeks. Sparx will no longer automatically populate holidays anymore, meaning you will have greater flexibility on which weeks have homework and which do not.