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Reports page

The Report page is currently in development so do share your feedback and keep checking for new features over the coming weeks.

Use the Reports page to download whole school data to help you:

  • Access all students’ homework completion data in one place
  • Spot where intervention is required to support improved compulsory hand-in rates
  • Cut and analyse the data to support with existing internal and external reporting commitments

Data included in the reports:

  • Contextual data (name, class, registration group, year group)
  • All-time homework completion data (weekly and YTD compulsory, XP boost and target completion) 
  • Student rewards data
  • On-time completion data
  • Student demographic data (if MIS sync is used and permission to add is granted)
  • Aggregate data by:
    • Class
    • Registration group (if used in Sparx)
    • Year group

Find out more about the data here:

How do I interpret data in the homework completion report?