Parent/Carer letter - Home Learning

Using Sparx as home learning in lockdown

We have created a template below which we hope might be helpful in communicating the importance of home learning to parents, as well as the benefits of Sparx and the personalisation it offers students. Please feel free to copy the text below and tailor it as you see fit.



As you know, for some time now our students have been completing their maths homework with Sparx Maths, something we feel has had a positive impact on their learning. Although the school has decided at this time to stop setting additional subject homework in general, we will be offering Sparx as part of our remote learning for Maths. This means that any work your child completes on Sparx, is included as part of, rather than additional to, their work in lessons. 

Each week in Sparx, students are set topics by their teachers. These will make up the majority of questions that your child sees. Sparx personalises each child’s homework, making sure it is easy enough for them to complete, but not so easy that they’re not getting stretched! We appreciate that parents will of course want to support their child with their home learning. However, please understand that if you give your child the answers, there is a risk that the homework will get too hard for them. It is therefore really important that your child completes their homework themself and watches the support videos or reaches out to their teacher if they are stuck. 

Learners will also see some questions from topics they have previously covered so they have the opportunity to keep practising the skills they have acquired. As you may already know, Sparx homework is not marked as complete until all of the questions have been answered correctly. Sparx believes, and their research has shown, that 60 minutes a week of this type of personalised home learning is the best length for achieving the best impact.

Sparx has been designed with the learner in mind and wants to support us as teachers to help your child’s understanding, confidence, and success in Maths grow. We hope you agree that Sparx continues to play an important role in your child’s maths learning throughout lockdown. 


Kind regards