Offline topics that are not covered by Sparx Homework

Some topics in the maths curriculum are not covered by Sparx because they require students to complete elements of practical work, for example drawing histograms, and drawing graphs of inequalities.

It is still important to set homework in these areas, so to help teachers we have provided suggested tasks that could be set independently, which can be viewed in the Planner page by clicking on the Options drop-down menu on the topic and selecting View topic Details

If an Offline topic is added to homework, no questions from that topic will appear in the homework, so teachers should set this separately. If the homework contains only Offline topics it will still be set, but it will only contain Consolidation material. 

On weeks where it is necessary to set separate homework, we recommend that teachers consider changing the length of the Sparx Homework (depending on how long the additional task is going to take) to Half length on the Planner page, so that students have enough time to complete all of the work that has been set.

For more information please see How to change the upcoming homework length