How to use the Incomplete Homework page and monitor homework for all classes and year groups

If you want to monitor the homework completion status of more than one class at the same time, then you can use the Incomplete Homework page to see this information in one place.

To do so, click the More button on the sidebar on the left of the screen in Teacher Portal and select Incomplete Homework.



Use the navigation at the top left of the screen to choose which classes or year groups you would like to view. You can narrow down the view using the following options:

  • All of your classes (All my classes option)
  • A year group (Year option)
  • All classes
  • A single class by searching using the More classes option

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 18.36.21

The list underneath shows more detail about individual students, including the homework status for the current week and the previous homework assignments that are still available for the student to continue working on (Typically the last 6 weeks). The time spent on the current homework is also provided, along with a link to the hand in page for that student.

Clicking on a square in the previous compulsory section, will take you to that students homework record on the hand in page, for the week selected.


Please note: The option to download a report has moved, and can now be accessed by downloading the Homework completion report in the Reports page.