How to set up holidays in your Sparx site

Note: Holiday weeks are used to help you organise topics in your Schemes of Learning so we highly recommend you add them to your site before building or copying any schemes. 

Adding holiday dates - Sep21

Holidays are added on the Schools Settings page which you can access from the More menu, or from the link at the top of the Scheme of Learning page.

In the Holiday section of the School Settings page, you will see a list of all of the holidays you have added so far.

To add a new holiday:

  1. Select Add a holiday then give it a name, for example, Autumn half-term
  2. Pick a start and end date, for example, Saturday until the Sunday before the holiday ends
  3. Select the Add button to save this holiday.

You can add as many holidays as you like for the year, and these can be edited or deleted whenever you wish.

Holidays can be as long as you would like them to be. For example, you could choose to add an inset day here if it would be useful to see whilst building your scheme or managing your homework plan.

Please note: holiday information entered in School Settings does not stop homework from going out during a holiday. The controls for doing this are available in the Scheme of Learning builder, and homework Planner.

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