How to set up classes and add students if you don't have an MIS integration

Instructions to help you set up your classes and students manually, including using CSV uploads

If you don't have an MIS integration with Sparx you will need to take the following steps to set up your classes and students:

Create your classes manually

Note: You will need to create your classes before you add students to your site using a CSV upload.


1. Go to the More tab and select Class Manager

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 12.52.42

2. Click Add new class at the top right of the screen

3. Create a class name and select the Year group

4. Assign the class a Scheme of Learning from your published list or check the I don’t have a Scheme of Learning to set box if you don’t yet have any published SoLs. 

Note: if you don’t publish and link SoLs to classes before you start using Sparx with students then no content will be visible in homework or lessons, meaning more manual work for teachers and a risk that students won’t get suitable homework

5. Add an Initial Homework Difficulty Level and a Suggested Objective Difficulty Level (Classroom schools only), selecting levels that are suitable for
the lowest ability in the class.

6. Add staff to classes and choose Send teacher emails if you want them to receive messages about the class homework each week

7. Complete homework Hand out and Hand in days

8. Set a time for when you want homework to go out on the hand out day

9. Don't turn homework on until you have added students to your site and they are ready to complete it

Please note:

  • Once a homework has been set it can’t be deleted so make sure students are ready to complete their work before you choose to set it. If a homework has been set unintentionally please see What should I do if I set a homework by accident? for guidance on how to change the homework to Optional only.
  • It is also not possible to create a class and set them homework on the same day it was created.


Add your students to your classes using a CSV upload

You should only add NEW students in this way. If you have existing students in your site please follow the instructions in this article: Preparing students and classes for a new academic year in a non-MIS school

Once you have created your classes you can use a CSV upload to bulk add students to Sparx and into the correct classes. Please follow our instructions on how to do this in the following article:  How to run a CSV import for students

Adding students to Sparx after your initial upload

If you want to add further students to your site after you have run a CSV upload you can either:

Run a new upload

If you choose to run a new upload you will need to ensure there are no students who already exist in Sparx on the CSV file. If there are any duplicates on your file we will point these out to you before the upload goes ahead. Find out more here: Handling duplicate students during a CSV import

Add students manually

If you only have a handful of new students to add you may prefer to add them manually. Please see the following article for instructions on how to do this: How to add a student to Sparx manually