How to set up and manage classes with an MIS integration

Firstly you will need to import your classes:

How to Import your classes from your MIS - Video

How to Import your classes from your MIS to Sparx - Article

Once you have imported your classes the MIS integration will automatically control the following:

    • Class name
    • Year group
    • Student membership

If you want to change any of these then you will need to do this in your MIS, and these changes will be reflected in your Sparx site the following day. 

If you create new classes for your students it will not be possible to see homework data for the old classes in a list view (e.g. on the Hand-in page). You will, however, still be able to see old homework data for individual students on their Summary page.

Setting up your classes for the first time

Video: How to set your first homework

Once you have imported your classes you will need to go to Class Manager and choose the orange pencil icon next to each class to edit it in the following ways:

1. Add a Scheme of Learning

Assign the class a Scheme of Learning (SoL) from your published list.

You can leave the I don’t have a Scheme of Learning to set box if you don’t yet have any published SoLs but if you don’t publish and link SoLs to classes before you start using Sparx with students then no content will be visible in homework or lessons, meaning more manual work for teachers and a risk that students won’t get suitable homework

Find out more about SoLs in the following articles:

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2. Choose an initial homework difficulty level

Next, you will need to choose an initial homework difficulty level for your class which will determine the level of questions new students see in their first homework. This level won’t affect the homework level for students who have already used Sparx before.

If you know the ability of the students in your class then pick an appropriate level, for example, Level 1 in Sparx is suitable for classes that need a lot of support with the chosen curriculum, and Level 4 is suitable for students who need an extra challenge.

If there is a wide range of abilities in your class, then we suggest you pick a level for the lowest attaining students in the group, and if you have no information about what level they are working at, then you should set your class to Level 1.

Homework takes around 2 to 4 weeks to adjust to a student’s actual level so if the level is too low initially then it won’t take long to adjust up.

What is an attainment level?

3. Add staff

    • Select the Class Manager tab under the More section
      Click the orange pencil icon next to the class you want to add the teacher to
    • Scroll to the Teacher section and add the correct teacher/s to the class
    • Choose Send teacher emails if you want them to receive messages about the class homework each week:

Note: if teachers are not assigned to classes they won’t see their groups by default when they log in.

4. Complete homework hand out and hand in details

    • Complete homework Hand out and Hand in days
    • Set a time for when you want homework to go out on the handout day
    • Turn homework on if you are ready!


  • Once a homework has been set it can’t be deleted so make sure students are ready to complete their work before you choose to set it. If a homework has been set unintentionally please see What should I do if I set a homework by accident? for guidance on how to change the homework to Optional only.
  • It is also not possible to create a class and set them homework on the same day it was created

You might find the following article useful when choosing hand out and hand in dates: 

Choosing default homework hand-out and hand-in days