How to set a No Homework Week in a Scheme of Learning

Homework is set by default for every week of the year unless you take some action to stop it.

To stop a new homework going out in the school holidays and to stop a homework from being due in during the holidays, you can add No Homework Weeks to your Schemes of Learning.

Doing this will stop any homework being set in those weeks, and will extend the hand-in time of the homework set before the No Homework week to be due in after the holidays.


  1. Make sure you have added your school holidays to your Sparx site. See how in the following article: How to set up holidays in your Sparx site - Note: adding holiday dates alone won't stop homework going out.
  2. Go to the Scheme of Learning page under the More tab
  3. Choose the Scheme of Learning for which you want to turn homework off:
    1. If you have already published a scheme in your site then it will be under This Academic Year.
    2. If you are yet to publish any schemes this year then have a look at this article on how to make your schemes: How to create and edit a Scheme of Learning
  4. To turn homework off select Edit to make changes to your scheme:

  5. The holidays you added to your site will show in blue to the left of the topic list. In this image, there are no homework topics in Week 5 or Week 6 but homework is still due to go out with Consolidation topics:

  6. If you don't want a new homework to go out then toggle the Homework On/Off button to Off. The red message now indicates that no homework will be set in Week 5 or 6:

  7. Finally, when you have finished making changes to your scheme you will need to publish them to take effect:

Working out when homework set before a No homework week will be due in. 

Using the image in item 6 as an example: if your homework in week 4 is handed out on Thursday, and normally due in the next Wednesday, the No Homework weeks 5 and 6 will extend that homework to be due in on the Wednesday in week 7 (if that is when homework is due to be set next.)


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