[Classroom] How to see what topics have been put into homework

Lessons are normally made up of one or two objectives (or more if the teacher chooses). If enough students have answered enough questions for an objective then it will be deemed to have been taught. (When is an objective taught?)

Objectives are linked to topics and when they are judged to have been taught then the linked topic will automatically be placed into the next upcoming homework assignment.

Topics will only be added to homework after a lesson has been ended.

To see which lesson topics have been added to the upcoming homework assignment:

  1. Click on Planner from the sidebar menu.
  2. Select the class you want to check homework topics for from the More Classes tab at the top of the page. The Planner default view shows the homework topics for the next homework to be set, and here you will be able to see what has been added so far to the next homework assignment.
  3. To view the topics for homework from previous weeks, select the appropriate week from the Selected Week dropdown.

Topics will be added from taught lessons until the Hand-out time each week.