How to see if students are failing bookwork checks

Bookwork checks are carried out automatically as a student completes their homework to ensure that they have written down their answers.

Students may find themselves spending longer completing their homework than necessary if they are unsure about how to complete their bookwork properly. Teachers can check to see if students have failed multiple bookwork checks on the Hand-in page, found in the left-hand sidebar.

Once on the Hand-in page, use the class filters at the top left of the screen to search for the class you wish to view.

If a student has failed more than 2 checks, and failed more than 25% of their checks, they will have an orange book symbol next to their name:

To see the complete record of any student's failed bookwork checks on compulsory homework, click on the Compulsory completion bar next to the student’s name to open the Answer History window.

If you wish to view failed bookwork checks for XP Boost and Target homework, click the relevant percentage or tick icon in the respective columns for these homework questions.


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