How to move Schemes of Learning from one year to the next

There are three tabs in the Scheme of Learning view:

  • This academic year shows you all of the schemes that exisit for the current academic year.
  • Next academic year shows you all of the schemes that have been created for the next academic year.
  • Archive shows your schemes of learning from the previous academic year.

      At the point of rollover, where the school moves from one academic year to the next, your existing schemes of learning will be placed under the correct tab. For example, anything that was in This academic year will automatically go into the Archive, and anything in Next academic year will move to This academic year.

      If you want to reuse previous schemes of learning in the new academic year then you can copy these from the Archive as follows:

      1. Go to the Archive tab
      2. Select the schemes you want to copy
      3. Choose to move them to This Academic Year

      You can also plan for the next academic year in the same way by copying your schemes to the Next academic year tab

      If you copy any schemes of learning that you then no longer need then these can be deleted.

      Find out more about how to edit your schemes and make brand new ones in this article:

      How to create a Scheme of Learning