How to import classes from your MIS to Sparx

Please note:

  • We will use the term MIS in this article to refer to your school’s MIS or SIS as appropriate for your country.
  • You will need to import your classes before you can set any homework
  • You won’t be able to import your new classes until your school’s MIS is all set up for the new academic year.
  • Any changes that you make with class imports will apply for everyone at your school

Use the video or the following instructions to import your classes:

Class import Sep21

1. Choosing classes to import

  • Go to Class Manager under the More menu in Teacher Portal
  • Click the Manage imported classes button
  • Under the Not yet imported section, we’ll show you a list of all of the classes in your school’s MIS that look like maths classes
  • Tick the classes that you want to import into Sparx
  • Choose the year group that each class belongs to
  • When you’re ready to import your selected classes, click the Preview and sync latest changes button

2. Checking the import

We’ll now show you all of the changes that will be made in Sparx Maths if you proceed with the import, including:

  • Which classes will be added
  • Whether any new students will be added 
  • Whether any previous students will be reinstated
    • Reinstated students are students that were using Sparx Maths in a previous academic year, and that your school’s MIS is reporting as being still on roll. For these students, we’ll reinstate their existing Sparx Maths account - they’ll be able to log in using their existing username and password, and their data (such as their XP total) will be retained. 

Take care at this stage to ensure that the student accounts being created or reinstated tally with your class lists. If you’re seeing students that are no longer on roll at the school, it’s possible that your school’s MIS hasn’t been set up for the new academic year yet.

    When you’re ready to proceed, click the Sync changes button.

    3. Resolving Conflicts

    A student can only belong to one class in Sparx Maths. If you try to import multiple classes and a single student belongs to more than one of those classes you won’t be able to proceed with the import until you tell us which class to place the student into, in Sparx Maths. To do this:

    • We’ll show you when there are unresolved conflicts
    • Click on this message and you’ll see a list of students with class conflicts
    • For each student, from the Class to use on Sparx drop-down, select the class that you’d like to place the student into, in Sparx

    Once all conflicts are resolved, you’ll be able to proceed with the import.

    Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 15.15.23

    4. Adding or removing classes after the start of the academic year

    There may be times when you need to add or remove classes later in the academic year. The process for doing so is the same as importing your classes at the beginning of the academic year, with the following differences:

    • As well as showing you classes available for import, we’ll also show you classes already imported in the ‘Imported classes’ section of the ‘manage imported classes’ screen
    • As well as adding new classes as described earlier, you can remove classes from Sparx by unticking them
    • When we show you the changes that will be made as a result of your selections, we’ll also show you details of:
      • Any classes that will be removed
      • Any students that will be removed.
      • When a student is removed, you’ll no longer see them in Teacher Portal, we’ll no longer generate homework for them, and they’ll no longer be able to log in to Sparx Maths.
      • If you re-add them to Sparx later (for example, by re-importing the class that they belong to), we’ll reinstate their existing account and their data won’t be lost. 

    5. Manual syncing

    Most changes made to classes and students in your school’s MIS will automatically be synced with Sparx overnight, every night. For example:

    • If a student has been added to a class
    • If a student has moved classes, or
    • If a student’s name has changed.

    If you need a change made in your school’s MIS to reflect in Sparx Maths more quickly, you can perform a sync without making any changes to your class selections. Simply go to the Manage imported classes screen and click the Preview and sync latest changes button straight away. If you are happy with the Preview, then press Sync changes.

    Please note it could still take up to four hours for the changes to reflect in Sparx if you use this manual sync option.