How students are added to your Sparx site and into classes

Find out how students are added to your school's Sparx site and to classes depending on your setup.

How students are added to your site depends on how your school is set up to work with Sparx. Please pick the scenario that is applicable to you below to find out more.

1. We have an MIS integration

Your students are added directly to your classes in Sparx from your MIS. MIS integration syncs happen overnight, so you will see students in Sparx the day after they are added to your MIS.

2. We don't have an MIS integration

Students can be added to Sparx in one of two ways:

    1. Bulk upload students to your site using a CSV upload, where they will be placed into groups automatically.
    2. Add individual students manually to Sparx and then assign them to classes.

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