How to delete students from your Sparx site

Schools with a Sparx site with MIS integration

Your students are managed in your MIS. If a student is deleted from your MIS then they will be removed from Sparx overnight. If you want to remove from Sparx on the same day as they are removed in your MIS then you can perform a manual sync:

  1. In Class Manager, click on Manage Imported Classes
  2. Choose Preview and Sync latest changes (no need to tick or untick a class)
  3. You will see the following information which you can dropdown to check:

  4. If you are happy, click Sync Changes.

Please note: changes in your MIS may not show in Sparx for up to 4 hours after they are made in your MIS so if you don't see the above option please check back later.

For more about how the MIS sync works with Sparx have a look at the following article:

How does the Wonde integration work?

If a student must remain in your MIS but you would like to remove them due to them being off-roll, educated off-site or dual registration please see the following link:

How to remove student from an MIS Sparx site if the student is not on roll/educated off site/dual registration

Schools with a Sparx site without MIS integration (CSV upload)

To delete a student they will first need to be placed into No Class:

To move a student into ‘No Class’, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the student by name in the search box in the top right corner of Teacher Portal
  2. From the student summary page, click Go to student details
  3. In the Edit Student window, select No class from the Class dropdown
  4. Click Save

Once the student is in No Class, go to that group in Student Manager and select the student/s you want to remove from Sparx, then click Remove Students:

Please note: Once students have been removed from Sparx in this way it will not be possible to reinstate them with their data.