How to delete classes from your Sparx site

Please choose from the two scenarios below to find out more about deleting classes from Sparx:

1. You have an MIS integration.

Your Sparx site is synced with your school's MIS and all classes showing in Sparx are imported. If you want to delete any of your classes please contact us at and we will remove the classes from your site.

2. You don't have an MIS integration.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove classes during an academic year at the moment.

If you want to tidy up your list of groups to make it easier to navigate, we recommend renaming classes you no longer use so they move to the bottom of the alphabetical list. If you choose to do this then follow these steps:

  • Click More in the left-hand sidebar, and choose Class Manager.
  • Find the row containing the class you no longer need and click the orange pencil.
  • Edit the class name to something which reflects that this class is no longer in use, for example, you might call the class ‘Z-EXPIRED’, click save and it will appear at the bottom of the list.

The class will stay in Teacher Portal until the end of the academic year and will then be deleted.