How to change homework to Optional only

To change the type of homework to be set for the whole class

  • Click on the Planner page icon on the left-hand side of the window 
  • On the Planner page, in the central part of the window, you will see an overview of the upcoming homework. From the Type dropdown, select Optional only

Note that this only changes the homework type for that particular week.

To change the type of homework to be set for an individual

  • Type their name in the Search students box at the top right of Teacher Portal. This will take you to their summary page
  • Click on the Go to student details button at the top right of the page to bring up the Edit Student window
  • Change the Homework Type to Optional only only using the dropdown menu

Note: that this changes the homework type indefinitely for that student until it is changed back.


For more information on different homework types have a look at this article:

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